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Rim Size:

Price Per Rim:
(Standard Stock Color: Black, White, Gun Metal Grey)         Price Per Rim (Non-stock Color)

15'                                   $110.00                                                Call for pricing.

16'                                   $115.00                                                Call for pricing.

17'                                   $120.00                                                Call for pricing.

18'                                   $125.00                                                Call for pricing.

19'                                   $145.00                                                Call for pricing.

20'                                   $150.00                                                Call for pricing.

21'                                  $155.00                                                 Call for pricing.

22'                                  $185.00                                                 Call for pricing.

24'                                  $195.00                                                 Call for pricing


What is powder coating?
Powder coating is a "dry" painting process. Finely ground particles of pigment and resin are charged electro statically and sprayed onto electrically grounded products. The charged particles, which adhere to the products, are heated in ovens and permanently fused to the surface. The finish is tough, attractive, durable, scratch resistant and high quality.

Type Colors and Textures
Powder coatings are available in virtually every color, including clear coats and metallic.
Several different textures are also available: wrinkle, alligator skin, spider web, hammer tone, and splatter. See the Color Chart.

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